Pseudo Feminism & Social Media

first_imgIn India, You are not allowed to look or say anything to a woman specifically when she is independent as she has her own social media handle, empowered and an influencer with more than 50,000 nincompoop followers who follows her only to see the half-naked pictures that she proudly uploads on social media on the name of freedom and equality.They can’t influence people with their beauty, well work, intelligence or anything that actually influence or empower women, like a real WOMAN.They are the disgusting parasites who getting unusual benefits. Like a worm, they live in the community and spread nonsense and hatred.Some of Us are these stupid people who follow them ( inappropriate content creators, meme pages, nonsense reels and Tik -Tok makers ) we make them so-called influencers, we give them the fame and the opportunity to decide what is wrong and right and we believe whatever these social media handlers say.Stop following random people and random pages on social media. Stop giving other’s the opportunity to decide what should be wrong and write.Do report everything that you find nonsense and inappropriate instead of liking them.They are making our mindset worse and worse, we are getting trapped in this social media life, this is not how things will work & this is not the future.Think twice before following someone and not even once to block or report.Change yourself, change the country.last_img

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