The best start of the season – TOP 10 Veszprem and Budućnost

ItxakoMKB VeszpremTOP 10 in handballŽRK Budućnost ← Previous Story Arrhenius ready to substitute Ahlm in THW Kiel? Next Story → Markus Baur a new coach of TuS N-Lubbecke Season 2010/2011 is on the way for almost four months. Time before EHF EURO 2010 break in Women’s competition and last round of EHF Champions League by the Men’s is exactly the “prime time” for TOP 10 list of “the best start of the season”. Let’ see what TEAM think about it:1. MKB VESZPREM (HUNGARY)They are absolutely rule this season and next to the Chehovski Medvedi, showing the other part of the Europe that handball isn’t just a sport of really West and Scandinavia. With 100% in domestic championship and EHF Champions League, where Vujin and Co. won over Montpellier and HSV, they deserved this title.2. ŽRK BUDUĆNOST (MONTENEGRO)With six consecutive wins in the Women’s EHF Champions League, team from Podgorica is the only one with 100% score. That is why Bojana Popović decided to leave Viborg and back to Montenegro, to win a long waited trophy with team, who has five EHF CL semifinals. They are on the good way to make that…3. LARVIK (NORWAY)Probably, the only team who can stop Bojana Popović and others Montenegrin girls to bring EHF CL trophy in Podgorica is Norwegian, Larvik. They were to good and secure in the Preliminary Group with five wins and just one defeat, who doesn’t broke their high ambitions. They are the last chance of Scandinavia in this season, after disaster of current champion, Danish Viborg, who didn’t qualified for the TOP 8.4. FUCHSE BERLIN (GERMANY)They are not the leader of the Handball Bundesliga, but they have significant step forward in this season. Dagur Sigurdsson doing a great job in Berlin and if they keep this form until end of the season, Berlin will for the first time watch the EHF Champions League.5. CHAMBERY SAVOIE (FRANCE)French time showed classy games in the “Group of Death” in the EHF Champions League. They beat Barcelona, Celje PL and Vive Kielce at home and maybe need just one more point for TOP 16 phase. Above that, good form in French championships, put the French vice-champions at this list.6. ITXAKO  REYNO DE NAVARA (SPAIN)A huge progress of Spanish women’s handball, following a good results of Itxako in the Champions League. They won Preliminary Group in front of Leipzig, Hypo and Korvex, deserved to be in this company…7. GORENJE VELENJE (SLOVENIA)With a 10 consecutive wins in Slovenia First League, six points in front of the biggest Slovenian team, Celje PL, Gorenje has a really good start of the season. Also, team from Velenje qualified for the Round 4 in the EHF Cup over Nexe from Croatia.8. ODORHEI (ROMANIA)Surprisingly, a leader of Romanian championships, in front of such a teams as Constanta, Resita or Steaua, Odorhei deserved to be here.9. GYOR (HUNGARY)Two years before, girls from Gyor was in the big final of the EHF Champions League, where they lost against Viborg, but every new season is the new chance fot them. They won Preliminary group in front of Krim Mercator, what is a sign that they have quality for the TOP.10. BM RENOVALIA CIUDAD REAL (SPAIN)Despite their defeat against F.C Barcelona, BM Ciudad Real is on the way to the trophies. They lost a game after 66 consecutive wins in ASOBAL, but, there is no chance that will happened in the Preliminary Round of the EHF Champions League, where they are leaders in front of C.O Zagreb and SG Flensburg.

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