HACA Sanctions Chada TV for Adil El Miloudi’s Misogynist Speech

Rabat – The High Authority of Audiovisual Communication (HACA) has sanctioned the TV channel CHADA TV and has decided to suspend the broadcast of its program “Kotbi Tonight” for a duration of three weeks. The suspension comes as a result of singer Adil El Miloudi’s statements encouraging violence against women on the July 3 “Kotbi Tonight” show. HACA reported receiving several complaints from individuals and associations active in the field of women’s rights.At its meeting on September 17, the Higher Council for Audiovisual Communication (CSCA) also ordered the TV channel to broadcast the Council’s statement on the sanction at the usual time of broadcast of the “Kotbi Tonight”. The CSCA considered El Miloudi’s statements as infringements of the audiovisual legal and regulatory provisions, in particular, those relating to violence against women. The CSCA described the singer’s misogynistic remarks “an apology for violence against women, an explicit incitement to violence, positively portrayed as an attribute of virility and a manifestation of affection, or even a recommendable behavior for the consolidation of conjugal bonds.”“These remarks also undermine women’s dignity, dehumanize her, and make her a “property” and a submissive being that man can treat as he pleases,” added CSCA’s statement.The Council also considered El Miloudi’s remark, “the woman always attacks the man, she always belittles him” as stigmatization of the woman. “It devotes a stereotype affecting the human value and the social role of women,” says the Council.The Council pointed out that the show’s host, Imad Kotbi, “did not react firmly and resolutely; he adopted, on the contrary, a playful and joking tone and left the guest free to repeat his assertions calling for violence against women.”  El Mildoui’s controversial remarksDuring the conversation that sparked the sanctions,  the popular Moroccan singer El Miloudi, confidently stated that “he who does not beat up his wife is not a real man.”  He also indicated that he still beats his wife and that he was arrested for it once in Spain. “She told the cops that I did not do anything to her; they released me 24 hours later,” he explained. The singer further stated that “this is normal in Morocco; everyone can do whatever they want with their wife, hit her, kill her….”The singer is known for his sexist and threatening remarks. In July 2015, he threatened director Nabil Ayouch and actress Loubna Abidar after the release of their controversial movie “Much Loved” in his song “Kifach Houma Mahadrouch” (“Why didn’t they talk?”). “Loubna Abidar, today, you are in danger. Everyone knows what you did, it will bring you only misfortune,” sang El Miloudi referring to Abidar’s sex scenes in the movie. The song continued, “Nabil Ayouch will be arrested, and we will see what “Much Loved” means then.”In March 2018, El Miloudi went live on Facebook defending the singer Saad Lamjarred, who was, at the time, suspected of rape for the second time in two years.

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