Racing Point shows that even a small team can fight for…

first_img“I’m happy with Racing Point because we’ve heard over the years that smaller teams with smaller budgets can’t fight ahead,” said Wolff.“But someone with a vision and an idea of ​​where to set priorities could actually make the leap from the middle of the field between top teams.”“Racing Point is racing for the podium, if not for the victory. And that proves that with the right leadership, the right decision-making process, and the right funding, you can really accelerate the development curve, so you need to learn from that, and I’m glad to see them there. ”Racing Point is currently under investigation. The FIA ​​is checking whether the brake channels of this year’s car are not the same as those of last year’s Mercedes.Copying is legal, but the brake channels are part of an element that cannot be copied on the basis of photographs, and this year it is a component that each team must make itself. “I can’t judge because I can’t see under the body,” Wolff said. “I think everything on our part was in accordance with the rules.”“As far as I know, Racing Point was in close contact with the FIA ​​regarding the whole process (the FIA ​​did not check the brake channels, editor’s note). It looks like they redesigned our car, last year they bought parts from us that are not on the list of listed parts and they simply do a good job. ” “All the complaints we heard last year that smaller teams are never able to compete for pole positions and podiums and race victories turn out to be absurd.”“Racing Point is faster than us here in some corners. I have no doubt that Racing Point will be a tough nut to crack for us on some circuits. ”“Make the right decisions and deploy your resources where you think they are well deployed and I think you can have a fast car.”Wolff is also pleased that the current FIA investigation process is under way, as it will clarify the rules for the future.last_img

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