Tsvetomir Naidenov with a clear position on the transfer intentions of…

first_imgon 24.05.2020 at 13:28:23 # 1 God, how many deluded souls. I have been from CSKA since I can remember and I am already over 60 years old. And now I am writing you things that you do not think about. For these three years I realized one thing that Grisha does not give money to the club. He took the team to move around the table. He sells everything quality and with this money he supports the team both from advertisements and with the help of Indjov and small sponsors. how CSKA will become a champion. The cattle quickly adapt to where the money is and they don’t care where it is from. We do not have any lobby in the Bulgarian Football Union and whenever we have to be hit hard. Remember we will not buy a good expensive football player in the coming years. Stoykas and Ganchev’s son are looking for the biggest garbage for CSKA without money. Coincidentally, if something quality comes out of them, then in the second year Ganchev sells it so as not to give his money. They do not dare to buy from the Bulgarian championship because they are not without money there. Only Domuza can do that, and in a few months Sirakov. Why are you insulting the person for starting a project from A district? Tell me what you gained from recognizing Ganchev’s team, did he bring you titles, what. Typically for Litex, known and unknown incompetents are bought, and the so-called CSKA cannot get out of the quagmire. Those from 1948 play with Bulgarian boys, remember when and with which players you won the cup. The army team must be exactly the team that walks the path to Group A honestly. This chance gives us the opportunity to be competitors of the other teams to have a lobby in the Bulgarian Football Union to be well financially. Paro and some old legends do not accidentally know why they support the unification. The cattle are ready to unite with the devil to be good, to win titles and cups. Then to joke and joke with us. Whether it is the team of Domuza, Gonov and Gazdov does not matter only CSKA is strong and competitive. You will see what kind of selection they will make the new championship, such as we can not And now for at least five years we will justify ourselves with the new stadium. Until you get tired of everything, but then many fans will have moved to the other CSKA.last_img

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