Labour commissioner highlights issues affecting productivity

first_img Tweet Share Share LocalNews Labour commissioner highlights issues affecting productivity by: Dominica Vibes News – February 7, 2017 238 Views   no discussionscenter_img Sharing is caring! Share Labour Commissioner, Dr Matthew LeBlancMicromanaging, non-participatory business styles and showing favoritism are among issues affecting productivity, Labour Commissioner, Dr Matthew LeBlanc has pointed out.Dr LeBlanc was the keynote speaker at a workshop aimed at addressing productivity and exploring ways of improving small and micro enterprises at the Fort Young Hotel on Monday 6 February 2017.The workshop, organized by the Dominica Employers’ Federation, was the fifth of fourteen national workshops being held across the Caribbean region.“Some persons just do not learn from their mistakes and they keep repeating the same mistakes over and over and that also can be an issue with productivity,” Dr LeBlanc said.He added that feedback is necessary so that employees will know how they are performing.“How many times do managers adopt the leadership style of diplomatic or participative style, are we always merely bureaucratic, are we always merely autocratic, do we get feedback from the workers, do we transmit sentiments to the workers regarding our satisfaction on their performance and so on, in fact if they are not performing, do we draw it to their attention, do we make the task clear and define the manner in which the task must be done, do we set timelines, are the timelines reasonable,” Dr LeBlanc questioned.He indicated that some of these issues highlighted above also affect productivity.Dr LeBlanc is of the view that micromanaging staff can be a problem also as it can signal lack of confidence in the chain of command, in the organization and corporate management. “Most times a human resource manager is more effective and can do much better in getting the workers to accomplish their goals than the CEO would or the general manager would, and sometime the general manager seem to think that he has to exercise his authority and sometimes overrides or obscures, or sort of put in the shadow his human resource manager because he need to remind everyone that he is boss, is this going to assist in productivity or is it going to affect the productivity in a negative way so this is another area that can be looked at as an issue,” he explained.Some employers show favoritism to employees for various reasons and according to Dr LeBlanc, this leads to discontent and affects productivity.“Playing favorites is dangerous too. For some reason some employers like a worker more than the other, or prefer the way a worker is dressed more than the other, or prefer the way a worker speaks more than the other, and that preference is sometime manifested in the organization, it is brought to the fore institutionally and this is dangerous,” he said.Dr LeBlanc informed that playing favorites demotivates employees who may wish to do more as they will feel that “someone else is the favorite she can come work late, no one draws it to her attention, she can leave whenever she wants, go whenever she want, but I have to beg every time to get five minutes for me to even go to the washroom so that can be a problem also”.Dr LeBlanc noted that while the objective of a business is to be successful and profitable, it must not ignore the very important fact that work is a question of human dignity, and that the worker or the employee is equally important as the machinery.“So that human element is usually lacking, but in view of the exploration of ways to improve the problems of productivity, we must begin with the recognition and respect for basic human rights and the acknowledgment of work as a matter of human dignity,” the Labour Commissioner stated.last_img

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