For the second month in a row, Pula Airport achieved a higher monthly turnover of 100.000 passengers

first_imgDuring August, the border of 100.000 passengers was once again broken in one month, and a total of 115.026 passengers passed through Pula Airport.This is the second month in a row that a higher monthly traffic of 100.000 passengers has been achieved in one month, after 116.334 passengers in July. During August, there was an increase in passenger traffic of 28%, compared to August 2015, when there was a traffic of 89.550 passengers. The total growth in the number of passengers in the first eight months of 2016 also increased, which now amounts to 25%, or a total of 349.633 passengers, which almost achieved the total passenger traffic in 2015. (amounted to 359.426 passengers).Analyzing passenger traffic by country, in the first eight months the highest growth was achieved: France + 92%, Ireland + 52%, Germany + 26%, Great Britain + 22%. Russia + 20% and the Netherlands + 10%.Due to excellent performance in the first eight months and announcements for the rest of the year, breaking the 400.000 passenger limit is expected in late September. “Although the traffic intensity increased by 25%, the quality of service and the professionalism of all our workers did not decrease at all. That is, this year, in the continuous research of the quality of service of airport staff, by Thomson Airways, we are again recognized as the best. ”They stand out next to Pula AirportsPula Airport received this flattering title as a result of a survey of Thomson Airways passengers during two peak months in a row, June and July, for the best airport experience in its category, which was awarded to Pula Airport for CSQ (Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire).last_img

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