Peru park’s biodiversity at risk from illegal mining, drug production

first_imgArticle published by Genevieve Belmaker Popular in the CommunitySponsoredSponsoredOrangutan found tortured and decapitated prompts Indonesia probeEMGIES17 Jan, 2018We will never know the full extent of what this poor Orangutan went through before he died, the same must be done to this evil perpetrator(s) they don’t deserve the air that they breathe this has truly upset me and I wonder for the future for these wonderful creatures. So called ‘Mankind’ has a lot to answer for we are the only ones ruining this world I prefer animals to humans any day of the week.What makes community ecotourism succeed? In Madagascar, location, location, locationScissors1dOther countries should also learn and try to incorporateWhy you should care about the current wave of mass extinctions (commentary)Processor1 DecAfter all, there is no infinite anything in the whole galaxy!Infinite stupidity, right here on earth.The wildlife trade threatens people and animals alike (commentary)Anchor3dUnfortunately I feel The Chinese have no compassion for any living animal. They are a cruel country that as we knowneatbeverything that moves and do not humanily kill these poor animals and insects. They have no health and safety on their markets and they then contract these diseases. Maybe its karma maybe they should look at the way they live and stop using animals for all there so called remedies. DisgustingConservationists welcome China’s wildlife trade banThobolo27 JanChina has consistently been the worlds worst, “ Face of Evil “ in regards our planets flora and fauna survival. In some ways, this is nature trying to fight back. This ban is great, but the rest of the world just cannot allow it to be temporary, because history has demonstrated that once this coronavirus passes, they will in all likelihood, simply revert to been the planets worst Ecco Terrorists. Let’s simply not allow this to happen! How and why they have been able to degrade this planets iconic species, rape the planets rivers, oceans and forests, with apparent impunity, is just mind boggling! Please no more.Probing rural poachers in Africa: Why do they poach?Carrot3dOne day I feel like animals will be more scarce, and I agree with one of my friends, they said that poaching will take over the world, but I also hope notUpset about Amazon fires last year? Focus on deforestation this year (commentary)Bullhorn4dLies and more leisSponsoredSponsoredCoke is again the biggest culprit behind plastic waste in the PhilippinesGrapes7 NovOnce again the article blames companies for the actions of individuals. It is individuals that buy these products, it is individuals that dispose of them improperly. If we want to change it, we have to change, not just create bad guys to blame.Brazilian response to Bolsonaro policies and Amazon fires growsCar4 SepThank you for this excellent report. I feel overwhelmed by the ecocidal intent of the Bolsonaro government in the name of ‘developing’ their ‘God-given’ resources.U.S. allocates first of $30M in grants for forest conservation in SumatraPlanet4dcarrot hella thick ;)Melting Arctic sea ice may be altering winds, weather at equator: studyleftylarry30 JanThe Arctic sea ice seems to be recovering this winter as per the last 10-12 years, good news.Malaysia has the world’s highest deforestation rate, reveals Google forest mapBone27 Sep, 2018Who you’re trying to fool with selective data revelation?You can’t hide the truth if you show historical deforestation for all countries, especially in Europe from 1800s to this day. WorldBank has a good wholesome data on this.Mass tree planting along India’s Cauvery River has scientists worriedSurendra Nekkanti23 JanHi Mongabay. Good effort trying to be objective in this article. I would like to give a constructive feedback which could help in clearing things up.1. It is mentioned that planting trees in village common lands will have negative affects socially and ecologically. There is no need to even have to agree or disagree with it, because, you also mentioned the fact that Cauvery Calling aims to plant trees only in the private lands of the farmers. So, plantation in the common lands doesn’t come into the picture.2.I don’t see that the ecologists are totally against this project, but just they they have some concerns, mainly in terms of what species of trees will be planted. And because there was no direct communication between the ecologists and Isha Foundation, it was not possible for them to address the concerns. As you seem to have spoken with an Isha spokesperson, if you could connect the concerned parties, it would be great, because I see that the ecologists are genuinely interested in making sure things are done the right way.May we all come together and make things happen.Rare Amazon bush dogs caught on camera in BoliviaCarrot1 Feba very good iniciative to be fallowed by the ranchers all overSponsored Forests, Governance, Illegal Mining, Mining, Protected Areas, Rainforests, Rivers, Saving Rainforests, Saving The Amazon, Technology And Conservation, Tropical Forests center_img Illegal logging and cocaine production and trafficking have for years blighted Bahuaja-Sonene National Park in the Peruvian Amazon.An area nearly one and a half times the size of Central Park has been deforested inside the protected area as a result of coca cultivation and trafficking. The park also has the world’s highest amount of illegally cultivated coca within a protected area.Illegal mining has also taken a toll, with at least 5 square kilometers (1.9 square miles) of indigenous land cleared along a river that’s home to the endangered giant otter.Officials blame the prevalence of illegal mining on a crackdown in other areas that has pushed the miners into the vicinity of the park. If the locations of illegal activities were marked on a map, the magnitude of the illegal mining and drug-trafficking problems in Peru’s Bahuaja-Sonene National Park would be obvious.The natural protected area covers 10,900 square kilometers (4,200 square miles) and mainly includes the rainforests of the Puno region in southern Peru, as well as the southern part of the Madre de Dios region. The park protects “the only display of the tropical savanna climate in Peru and its characteristic wildlife,” according to the National Service of Natural Protected Areas (SERNANP).But this protected area is in danger. Illegal mining and drug trafficking are taking place in the park’s buffer zone and, in some cases, have even crossed into the park. According to the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Bahuaja-Sonene National Park has the world’s highest amount of illegally cultivated coca within a protected area: 118 hectares (290 acres) are growing within the park. Local authorities say that due to drug trafficking, about 473 hectares (1,170 acres) have been deforested within the park, an area nearly one and a half times the size of New York City’s Central Park.Pedro Gamboa, the director of SERNANP, says the issue has become a threat to park rangers’ lives, forcing one of the directors of the national park to resign. An unauthorized airstrip has even been identified within the protected area, according to a 2015 report by SERNANP.Since 2012, illegal coca crops have taken over certain areas that once produced one of the world’s best coffee beans. Image by Vanessa Romo.Illegal mining, meanwhile, continues to take place in the northern and southern parts of the park. Alto Inambari is a district in Puno region at the southern end of Bahuaja-Sonene National Park. In late 2017, the provincial attorney specializing in environmental matters in Puno identified 18 points of illegal mining adjacent to the park’s buffer zone in Alto Inambari. The high number of gas stations installed in the area is also evidence of fuel trafficking.David Araníbar, director of Bahuaja-Sonene National Park, confirmed that illegal mining was present along the entire Inambari River, the natural border along the national park’s buffer zone.In 2015, park rangers from Bahuaja-Sonene National Park identified an unauthorized airstrip inside the park. Photos courtesy of DigitalGlobe’s WorldView. Image A: Reference map. Courtesy of DigitalGlobe’s WorldView (NextView).In the northwestern part of the protected area, because of illegal mining, at least 5 square kilometers (1.9 square miles) of traditional Kotsimba land have been deforested in and along the shores of the Malinowski River. This has greatly impacted the area’s population of giant river otters (Pteronura brasiliensis).The illegal operations at the head of the Malinowski River have impacted the migration patterns of this endangered species. “The otters have become isolated in the Heath River, the only part of the park that does not have the threat of mining” Araníbar said.Authorities, residents and experts say the expansion of these crimes in and around Bahuaja-Sonene National Park is a consequence of the “balloon effect.” This refers to the idea that audits and sanctions carried out in one place often result in the illegal activities appearing somewhere else.Illegal coca crops in Putina Punco district, which lies in the mountainous rainforest of the Puno region, have increased from 16.6 to 28.8 square kilometers (from 6.4 to 11.1 square miles). According to authorities from the National Commission for Development and Life Without Drugs (DEVIDA), this increase coincides with an increase in the elimination of coca crops in the valley of the Apurímac and Ene rivers. It also coincides with the massive influx of migrants from the Ayacucho and Apurímac regions into Sandia province in the Puno region.Authorities from DEVIDA say they have even detected patterns similar to those observed in the valley of the Apurímac and Ene rivers. Large families have taken control of various sectors of the district, including laboratories for cocaine and cocaine paste located just a few meters from the coca plantations. Many coffee growers around the park, who have refused to grow coca, live in fear.Giant river otters in the Heath River, inside Bahuaja-Sonene National Park. Image by Daniel Resengren for the Peru Program of Frankfurt Zoological Society.In addition to the “balloon effect,” there is another issue in Sandia province: a fungus called coffee leaf rust that attacks coffee plants until they dry up. In 2012, there were 84 square kilometers (32 square miles) of coffee being grown in the area; in 2017, only 23 square kilometers (9 square miles) remained. The coffee farmers in the buffer zone of Bahuaja-Sonene National Park depended on their ability to grow coffee, but after this crisis, many chose to pursue another source of income. Many found an easy way out by switching to the cultivation of coca.The illegal mining in Alto Inambari has a similar explanation. Authorities say one of the triggers was the series of sanctions against illegal mining between 2009 and 2012 in Madre de Dios. This provoked the displacement of the mining population toward areas such as Quincemil, in the Cusco region, and San Gabán and Alto Inambari, in Puno. It was also discovered that sanctions in Ananea district, in the highlands of Puno, also provoked the migration of miners from there to Alto Inambari.On the border between Bahuaja-Sonene National Park and its buffer zone, illegal miners have removed land and diverted the natural course of the Malinowski River. The remaining trees are part of the park. Photo by Vanessa Romo.The story in Kotsimba is unique, but neither the authorities nor the residents can ignore the environmental disaster caused predominantly by almost 10 years of illegal mining. Although mining operations with their backhoes and front loaders have become part of the landscape of the community, there is also an interest among residents to abandon illegal mining within a year and to dedicate the community to ecotourism activities.This story was first published on July 19, 2018, by Mongabay-Latam.last_img read more

Edgar S. “Ed” Burger, age 67 of Salem

first_imgEdgar S. “Ed” Burger, age 67 of Salem, passed away Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 7:24 am, in Salem Crossing.Born May 13, 1950 in New Albany, Indiana, he was the son of the late Edgar T. and Anna Imogene (Presley) Burger. He worked as a carpenter for many years and retired from Kimball International – Salem Division.He was a member of the Lost River Missionary Baptist Church, attended Westview Christian Church and was a member of the Rob Morris Masonic Lodge #282 F. & A.M. of Campbellsburg. Ed married September 8, 2000 to Vicki D. (McNeely) Burger, who survives.Also surviving are: 2 Sons: William E. (Haley) Burger and Justin E. (Brittney) Garloch of Salem; 2 Daughters: Michele Jackson of Odin, Indiana and Mary Ann (Bobby) Pumphrey of Salem; 2 Brothers: Richard L. (Marceda) Burger of Salem and Terry D. (Betty) Burger of Shelbyville, Kentucky; 13 grandchildren and 1 great grandson.He was preceded in death by 1 daughter: Lisa Marie Burger, 1 sister: Patricia Gilstrap and 1 grandson: Cody Wingler.Funeral Service: 1:00 pm Saturday at Dawalt Funeral Home.Visitation: 4 to 8 pm Friday and 11 am Saturday until the time of the service.Interment at Claysville CemeteryThe Family requests Memorial Contributions to: Claysville Cemetery Association C/O Bill Tower 11398 W. Suder Lane Campbellsburg, Indiana 47108.last_img read more

Working Through Retirement

first_img“Retirement is for sissies” reads the tagline on former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new movie. In the “Governator’s” latest go-round as an action hero—“The Last Stand”—he plays a long-in-the-tooth sheriff charged with stopping a drug kingpin from reaching the Mexican border. The premise is pure Hollywood, but the message—staying on the job despite advancing in age—is quite appropriate for those making up today’s labor force. The Baby Boom generation will move entirely into the 55-and-older age group by 2020, increasing to 25.2 percent of the country’s total workforce, up from 19.5 percent in 2010, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Whether it’s due to better health and a desire to keep working, or financial difficulties that have necessitated a longer stay on the job, more people are putting off retirement. At the same time, this segment of the population will need additional care. Tim Driver, CEO of, says he has a solution for both. It’s called Mature Caregivers, and Driver says the venture is positioned to improve quality care for seniors and provide career opportunities for people 50 and older. The Boston-based website operation, launched in 2005, matches 50-somethings and their elders with job openings nationwide and currently has 1 million members. “Our goal all along has been to find work for mature workers,” Driver said in an interview. “Very often, age biases become a problem. We think this is one of the few areas where it’s just the opposite. The caregivers are close [in age] to the people they’re taking care of.” Demographic trends certainly bear out Driver’s assessment. The health care and social assistance sector will gain the most jobs (5.6 million) during the 2010-20 timeframe, according to BLS data. In particular, two of the biggest increases in job classifications will come from home health aides (adding 706,000 jobs) and personal care aides (adding 607,000 jobs) during that period of time. Driver expects all types of job applicants to join the Mature Caregivers network, whether they’re seeking a second career or coming out of retirement to try something new. There will be a detailed vetting process for each job candidate that includes background checks and training in a variety of care methods, including treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Successful applicants also will get lessons on cooking healthy meals for their clients, Driver says. Mature Caregivers workers will be supported in several regions of the country by geriatric care managers who work for the network. Once formally certified for work, they will be matched with clients in their communities. Driver admits that his organization is “flipping the stereotype” of young workers who tend to occupy home health care positions. He believes the system will provide “mature workers” with career opportunities while increasing the options for elder health care at the same time. “Very often, and I don’t mean this as a criticism of the work, but too many people view this career as a go-nowhere job,” Driver says. “We think this can be personally rewarding for a lot of mature workers, many of [whom] have experience taking care of their own parents. We think it will attract people who traditionally have a low turnover rate in their jobs and who love being caregivers.” For more employment information, please visit SHRM’s Labor Market and Economic Data page. Joseph Coombs is a workplace trends and forecasting specialist at SHRM. To read the original article, please click here.last_img read more

Amazon’s Awesome Alexa Voice Tech Reaches Out To Other Devices

first_imgAlexa, the chatty personality that makes the Amazon Echo smart speaker so fun and handy, wants to join more devices. The company announced Friday the launch of its free Alexa Voice Service (AVS) developer preview.AVS was born out of the company’s work on the Echo, which may be Amazon’s best hardware product since its Kindle e-reader. The device is a voice-controlled cylindrical appliance that can tell you the weather, give you traffic conditions on your commute, play music, control connected lights and other appliances, and—of course—buy things from Amazon. See also: Amazon Echo’s Ready To Chat Up Everyone Now—Except DevelopersVoice features may seem rather dime-a-dozen these days, but Echo’s accuracy and grasp of natural language could be among the best to date. Although it’s not perfect either, it does largely succeed in living up to the promise of understanding organic speech. Users can talk to it easily, without learning a rigid lexicon of verbal commands. Now hardware makers, both professional and hobbyists, can see what those language powers can bring to their projects.Here’s The CaveatBear in mind, however, that this is a developer preview, not a polished or official roll-out. That means partners can’t actually launch any new features based on the Alexa Voice Service yet. Amazon still hasn’t flipped that switch. Earlier this year, the company offered beta versions of its Alexa Appkit. But even as it wrapped up Echo’s limited early availability with a broad consumer release last month, there was still no word about the developer tools. The AVS developer preview may not be a polished release either, but at least it represents progress—if not for Echo itself, then at least for partners who want to use Alexa’s voice technology for their own mic-and-speaker-equipped connected products. They can now work with the technology and the resources that go along with it. Amazon highlights the following benefits: Use AVS to extend your hardware’s capabilities and interact with your customers in new ways. Benefits of AVS include:• Create Frictionless Interfaces for Your Customers. Allow your customers to control your device in more intuitive ways with a natural language voice interface. By integrating AVS with your device, your customer no longer needs to get out their phone, find an app, and use their thumbs to invoke a command. All they have to do is ask via the microphone on your device.• Scale Quickly in the Cloud. AVS is cloud based and scales as your needs scale. You don’t need to worry about provisioning hardware and managing infrastructure to power your voice experience.• Integrate Easily. No experience with voice recognition or Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is required. Using AVS, add Alexa to your device in just a few hours. Leave understanding human speech to us and focus on your differentiated value add to customers.• Build for Free. Using AVS to power speech experiences on your devices is completely free.The developer preview includes the tools, documentation, APIs and code samples. Alexa support also allows access to information, music, audiobooks, news, weather and traffic, among other things—including any new skills developers want to create or customize using Amazon’s other toolset, the Alexa Skills Kit. For more information, visit Amazon’s AVS developer portal. Screen capture courtesy of Amazon; lead photo by Adriana Lee for ReadWrite adriana lee How to Avoid Being Part of 90% of Failed Companies Building a Workplace for the Next 100 Years Why Your eCommerce Business Should Have a Pop-U…center_img Related Posts Tags:#Alexa#Alexa Appkit#Alexa Voice Service#Amazon Echo#APIs#developers#hardware#voice Why Your Company’s Tech Transformation Starts W…last_img read more

Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System Updated (Rev. Proc.2016-51)

first_imgCCH Tax Day ReportThe IRS has released a new procedure that updates the Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System (EPCRS) for sponsors of retirement plans that are intended to satisfy the requirements of Code Secs. 401(a), 403(a), 403(b), 408(k) or 408(p) but that have not met these requirements for a period of time. EPCRS permits plan sponsors to correct failures and thereby continue to provide their employees with retirement benefits on a tax-favored basis. The new procedures make changes to the Self-Correction Program (SCP), the Voluntary Correction Program (VCP), and the Audit Closing Agreement Program (Audit CAP). Rev. Proc. 2013-13, I.R.B. 2013-4, 313, is modified and superseded.Audit CAP sanctions are no longer going to be a negotiated percentage of the maximum payment amount, but instead will be determined based on the facts and circumstances, The maximum payment amount is one such factor that may be considered. Also, in general, the sanction will not be less than the VCP user fee applicable to the plan. There are changes too for nonamender failures discovered while the plan is under examination. The sanction for failing to timely adopt an amendment that is corrected within three months after the expiration of the remedial amendment period has been reduced to $750, regardless of the number of plan participants.Beginning in 2017, all user fees and rules relating to user fees for VCP submissions will be published in the annual EP revenue procedure that sets forth user fees, including VCP user fees.EPCRS is being modified to take into account the fact that effective January 1, 2017, the staggered 5-year remedial amendment cycles for individually designed plans will be eliminated, and the scope of the determination letter program for individually designed plans will be limited to initial plan qualification, qualification upon plan termination, and certain other circumstances. The IRS is inviting comments on the changes.The Treasury Department and the IRS invite comments on this revenue procedure. Mail submissions to CC:PA:LPD:PR, (Rev. Proc. 2016-51), Room 5203, Internal Revenue Service, P.O. Box 7604, Ben Franklin Station, Washington, D.C. 20044. Comments may also be hand delivered Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to: Internal Revenue Service, CC:PA:LPD:PR, (Rev. Proc. 2016-51), Courier’s Desk, Internal Revenue Service, 1111 Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington D.C. Alternatively, comments may be submitted via the Internet at [email protected] (Rev. Proc. 2016-51). All comments will be available for public inspection.Rev. Proc. 2016-51, 2016FED ¶46,419Other References:Code Sec. 401CCH Reference – 2016FED ¶17,507.331CCH Reference – 2016FED ¶17,507.2546Code Sec. 403CCH Reference – 2016FED ¶18,282.41Code Sec. 501CCH Reference – 2016FED ¶22,604.10Code Sec. 7121CCH Reference – 2016FED ¶41,090.1026 C.F.R. Part 601CCH Reference – 2016FED ¶43,360.2112CCH Reference – 2016FED ¶43,360.2113CCH Reference – 2016FED ¶43,360.2116CCH Reference – 2016FED ¶43,360.212Tax Research ConsultantCCH Reference – TRC RETIRE: 51,450last_img read more

La Salle takes 4th UAAP table tennis crown; NU seizes men’s throne

first_imgTrump to designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorist groups Ethel Booba on hotel’s clarification that ‘kikiam’ is ‘chicken sausage’: ‘Kung di pa pansinin, baka isipin nila ok lang’ Meanwhile, National University bagged their first ever title in the men’s division to halt UST’s rule with a 3-1 win in the Finals.Bulldogs’ John Misal was feted as the season MVP.NU’s boys’ team also secured back-to-back titles after stopping UST, 3-0, in their do-or-die affair behind MVP Stephen John Deiz.On the other hand, UST’s girls’ team completed the perfect season with a 3-1 triumph over De La Salle-Zobel.ADVERTISEMENT Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Winter storm threatens to scramble Thanksgiving travel plans No more menthol cigarettes: New ban on tobacco, vape flavors View comments Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games Emy Rose Dael claimed her second straight Most Valuable Player award, while seniors Jamaica Sy and Mardeline Carreon got a fitting end to their collegiate careers.It was La Salle’s fifth women’s championship in six years, harking back to the days of Lariba’s dominance in the field.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSBoxers Pacquiao, Petecio torchbearers for SEA Games openingThe Rio Olympian Lariba, who won three UAAP MVP awards in her collegiate days, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) last May and is still recovering in the hospital. She was a part of coaching staff last season.Joana Chen of Ateneo won the Rookie of the Year honors.center_img MOST READ With Ian Lariba on their minds, the La Salle women’s team won its fourth straight title in the UAAP Season 80 table tennis tournament Monday at the UP CHK Gym.After seeing their 14-game winning run stopped, the Lady Paddlers bucked their shock opening loss to University of Santo Tomas, 2-3, and rebounded with identical 3-1 victories in the following matches to remain the most dominant table tennis team.ADVERTISEMENT Dillinger vows war as he gets wish of facing Ginebra Hotel says PH coach apologized for ‘kikiam for breakfast’ claim LATEST STORIES Jordan delivers on promise: 2 Cobra choppers now in PH Argentine bishop appears at court hearing on abuse charges ‘A complete lie:’ Drilon refutes ‘blabbermouth’ Salo’s claimslast_img read more

10 months agoTottenham midfielder Harry Winks: We’re now ready to win something

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Tottenham midfielder Harry Winks: We’re now ready to win somethingby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveTottenham midfielder Harry Winks is adamant the team is now ready to win trophies.Winks was at Wembley as a fan when Spurs when the League Cup a decade ago.He told the Mirror: “When we won the League Cup it was great, I was actually there at Wembley with my dad, we were in the top tier and we were celebrating like mad when that went in. It was incredible.“Just going to games from a young age with my dad, watching Tottenham as often as I could, celebrating in my front room, singing and enjoying it, so many fond memories from when I was a kid.“The team is coming of age. There’s a lot of talk about us needing to win a trophy and, of course, no-one wants to win a trophy more than anyone in the team.“But our main priority is to just try and improve every season, which we are doing, and hopefully a trophy will come at the end of that as a reward for all the hard work. We work really hard, we are improving and hopefully we can come away with some silverware.“We’re in a strong position in the league, we’re well placed but we’ve also won a lot of games playing scruffy as well when we’ve not played so well.” last_img read more

12 days agoBournemouth midfielder Billing reveals Iwobi Nigeria chat

first_imgBournemouth midfielder Billing reveals Iwobi Nigeria chatby Paul Vegas12 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveBournemouth’s Danish midfielder Philip Billing has revealed how he was asked about representing Nigeria by Everton star Alex Iwobi.Billing, who is of Nigerian descent, has represented Denmark at under-19 and under-21 level but has yet to win a senior cap for the nation.He told BT: “It wasn’t until when we (Cherries) were going to play against Everton a couple of weeks ago when Alex Iwobi asked if I might be interested in coming and playing for Nigeria.”He said the coach had asked me. It was the first time I heard anything concrete myself.”He added: “It’s a pat on the back that another country would like you to play for them. I just take that as a shrug and proof that you are doing well.“It would feel strange to have to play for Nigeria, even though my father is from there.“I am half Nigerian and I feel that way too but I was born and raised in Denmark. My mother is Danish and my sister is Danish, so it would feel strange to have to play for Nigeria.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

La Liga president would bet 10000 that the US match will

first_imgThe Spanish league wants to play one official game in the United States for the next 15 years but is seeing a lot of obstaclesAfter it was announced that one official Spanish La Liga match would be played every year in the United States for the next 15 years, many were against the idea.From coaches to players, to even the Gianni Infantino president of FIFA, it seems like this project has many detractors.But for La Liga president Javier Tebas, the match is a sure thing, so sure he is willing to bet $10,000 that the idea will go ahead.“I would bet $10,000 that the game will take place,” he told CNN Sport.David Villa, SpainQuiz: How much do you know about David Villa? Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to test your knowledge about Spanish legendary forward David Villa.“I know both Spain and the sports world and therefore I knew it would not be easy and that there would be unrest.”According to Tebas, Barcelona and Girona will be the first two clubs to play an official La Liga match in the United States.“It is an industry that is resistant to change, so other things we have done have also been hard. It’s almost sure that we are going to play in Miami,” said Tebas.“As I’ve said before, I know my country well and its sporting institutions and therefore we knew that this unrest was going to take place.”“I am not surprised by it. We have a strategy, we have a plan and we are going to keep working with the goal of being in Miami on January 26 at the Hard Rock Stadium,” he added.last_img read more