first_imgMinimum Years and Type of Relevant Work Experience: Position Summary: Full Time: 100% STUDENT SV PR MGR III(P75NL) Position Duties: The University of Wisconsin is an Equal Opportunity andAffirmative Action Employer. We promote excellence throughdiversity and encourage all qualified individuals to apply.If you need to request an accommodation because of a disability,you can find information about how to make a request at thefollowing website: 233148-AS Institutional Statement on Diversity: Please click on the “” button to start the application process. Toapply for this position, you will need to upload a cover letter andresume, as ONE PDF document. Appointment Type, Duration: Job Number: Instructions to Applicants: Diversity is a source of strength, creativity, and innovation forUW-Madison. We value the contributions of each person and respectthe profound ways their identity, culture, background, experience,status, abilities, and opinion enrich the university community. Wecommit ourselves to the pursuit of excellence in teaching,research, outreach, and diversity as inextricably linkedgoals.The University of Wisconsin-Madison fulfills its public mission bycreating a welcoming and inclusive community for people from everybackground – people who as students, faculty, and staff serveWisconsin and the world.For more information on diversity and inclusion on campus, pleasevisit: Diversity andInclusion Work Type: Ongoing/Renewable Applications Open: Apr 15 2021 Central Daylight TimeApplications Close: May 23 2021 11:55 PM Central DaylightTime Job no: 233148-ASWork type: Staff-Full TimeDepartment: ENGR/ACAD AFFRS/STU SERV CTRLocation: MadisonCategories: Academic Advising, Student Services/Support,Engineering, Management/Supervisorycenter_img Master’s degree required. Preference for degree in engineering,social science, physical/natural sciences, higher education orrelated field. Minimum $65,000 ANNUAL (12 months)Depending on Qualifications Department(s): Academic Staff-Renewable Salary: Contact: Official Title: Required:Seven years of progressively responsible experience in highereducation, counseling, student services, project management orequivalent combination of education and experience, with somedirect experience in college academic advising.Ideal candidates will demonstrate the following:- A high degree of cultural sensitivity and awareness in workingwith students from diverse backgrounds, such as first-generation,underrepresented, transfer, and other targeted populations.- Commitment to creating an inclusive environment in which thevalue of each person’s identity, culture, background, experience,status, and abilities are recognized, supported, andrespected.- Demonstrated experience and ability to work effectively withinand for a diverse community in a responsive, sensitive and caringmanner.- Experience managing a diverse group or team of professionalstaff.- Experience working with students interested in STEM at thecollege level.- An understanding of the engineering profession and engineeringcurricula, and ability to relate to engineering undergraduates,prospective students and their families.- A solutions-oriented approach to problem-solving, addressingsituations, and responding to questions and concerns.- Ability to manage multiple programmatic activities and day-to-dayoffice operations, including setting expectations and goals for theoffice.- Experience utilizing quantitative and qualitative data toevaluate program effectiveness and guide program development.- Excellent interpersonal, listening, written and verbalcommunication and organizational skills.- Ability to communicate effectively with engineering faculty,staff, and the wider campus community. Employment Class: A190280-COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING/ACAD AFFRS/STU SERV CTR The University of Wisconsin-Madison is engaged in a Title and TotalCompensation (TTC) Project to redesign job titles and compensationstructures. As a result of the TTC project, official job titles oncurrent job postings may change. Job duties and responsibilitieswill remain the same. For more information please visit: will require a criminal background check. It will alsorequire you and your references to answer questions regardingsexual violence and sexual harassment.The University of Wisconsin System will not reveal the identitiesof applicants who request confidentiality in writing, except thatthe identity of the successful candidate will be released. See Wis.Stat. sec. 19.36(7).The Annual Security and FireSafety Report contains current campus safety and disciplinarypolicies, crime statistics for the previous 3 calendar years, andon-campus student housing fire safety policies and fire statisticsfor the previous 3 calendar years. UW-Madison will provide a papercopy upon request; please contact the University of Wisconsin PoliceDepartment . List of Duties Beth [email protected] Access (WTRS): 7-1-1 (out-of-state: TTY: 800.947.3529, STS:800.833.7637) and above Phone number (See RELAY_SERVICE for furtherinformation. ) Degree and Area of Specialization: The College of Engineering undergraduate academic affairs unit is adynamic team committed to providing outstanding, equitable andinclusive student services to the college’s 4,500 undergraduatestudents. Embracing a holistic approach, the unit includes academicadvising, tutoring, career services, student leadership,scholarships and student wellness.The Director of Advising provides leadership and overseesday-to-day operations of academic advising, supervising 12-14academic and university staff. The director works collaborativelyacross all levels of the institution to coordinate services, ensuredelivery of high-impact advising, and strives to create awelcoming, equitable, and inclusive work environment.last_img read more

Legislation introduced to block Dept. of Labor from barring youth from farm work

first_imgCongressman Tom Latham (R-Iowa) introduced bipartisan legislation in early March in the U.S. Congress that will block Washington’s attack on America’s long-standing family farm tradition. Latham’s bill blocks recent attempts by the Department of Labor, with moral support from the Department of Agriculture, to increase federal regulatory involvement into family farms that risk outlawing farm youth from working on their family owned farms.“The family farm is one of Iowa’s most cherished traditions and a cornerstone of our state and nation’s economy and cultural history,” Congressman Latham said.advertisementadvertisement “The armies of federal bureaucrats who spend day after day drawing up new regulations have now set their sights on the institution of the family farm. It is a misguided idea that threatens the ability of America’s youth to contribute to farms owned by their own families. My legislation blocks Washington’s regulation monster from yet another intrusion into the operations of our family farms.”The legislation, the Preserving America’s Family Farms Act (H.R.4157), bars the U.S. Department of Labor from implementing any regulation that would prohibit farm youth from working on farms owned by their families by restricting finalization of the rule the department proposed in September of 2011.Historically, family farms have been exempted from child labor rules, but concerns have arisen that a proposal from the Department of Labor could jeopardize that exclusion for operations that are partly owned by extended family members such as grandparents, aunts or uncles. Such practices occur often in modern agriculture as families employ a variety of legal structures to remain financially viable.The Department of Labor’s proposed regulation also would eliminate a pair of certification programs that allow student learners to perform certain kinds of farm work, such as the operation of tractors. The proposed elimination of the certification programs has drawn opposition from farm youth groups like FFA and 4-H.Congressman Latham introduced the legislation with Rep. Dan Boren (D-Oklahoma), who joined Congressman Latham to speak out against the misguided regulation in December.“While I understand the concern for safety of young people on farms, the government should be careful to not adversely impact these small businesses. I look forward to working with my colleague Congressman Latham to advance this bill,” Congressman Boren said.advertisementAt press time, the legislation has received 39 co-sponsors. An identical bill (S.2221) was introduced in the Senate in March by Sen. John Thune (R-South Dakota). The Senate bill has 44 co-sponsors. PDReader commentsI believe a child should be allowed to work on a dairy farm at any age, provided:there is always someone present to maintain that child’s safetythe child is not engaged in activities that pose a direct health riskthe child is responsible enough to know the certain dangers on the farmProvided the child is always under supervision, I see helping out on a farm as a great way to build character, responsibility and a good work ethic. As long as farm work doesn’t interfere with schoolwork, I say go for it.Amanda Online Reader CommentI am in 100 percent in agreement with Amanda. I was working at 12 years old, and now I am not afraid of working hard. My husband is a dairy farmer with our two growing sons – we are all working hard! They also are starting to work at a young age.Sandy Online Reader Commentadvertisementlast_img read more

Referees Won’t Allow Gamecock Wounded Warrior Unis on Field

first_img 0 Sodboy13 Not really. It’d be really boring and we wouldn’t have anything to talk/bitch about uniform-wise.Also, we should be thankful for the ProCombat line. It may be hit-or-miss but it’s bringing uniform design to the mainstream. People are actually starting to notice and care about uniforms. 0 26,359 posts Posted October 2, 2011 Share on other sites 973 5,159 577 nash61 1 nuordr Share on other sites 0 1 Link to post 34 17,646 posts 19,560 posts Sports Logo News 34 Share on other sites Location:Tampa Share this post 34 Grand Pooba of Walksylvania Share this post Members 0 889 posts Link to post Location:Fargo, N.D. Location:Tampa Phoenix is a bangwagon town Members 5,159 Location:Malaga, NJ 5,026 Share on other sites They should be glad I’m not an official. Any form of alternate jersey would get the “too hard to read, go change” argument. Gothamite Posted October 2, 2011 Share this post Cola Location:Tampa Location:Tampa 12,229 posts CS85 4,356 Lights Out Members Posted October 2, 2011 31,105 posts Go To Topic Listing Posted October 2, 2011 2 “I see you’re drinking 1%” Location:Louisville, KY Members WJMorris3 Cola Members Page 1 of 2   1,535 Yeah, I know its your team but I get why the refs have an issue with it. The pattern is too much and makes them unreadable. Now if it was a screen of it (lighter pattern/less dense), those issues would be gone. 0 Share on other sites I’m with the referees 100% on this. I have 20/20 vision, and i have problems reading the numbers in the picture at a fast glance, and it’s not moving. 4,793 posts Members Members 0 Share on other sites Recommended Posts How can Under Armour allow something like this to happen then?I think it’s a problem this board has noted many times before, in various forms – some designers, manufacturers, and clients fail to realize that what may look good on a screen doesn’t always translate well to fabric. And while the 1s pictured above obviously wouldn’t have a legibility issue, I could see there being some problems discerning 3s, 6s, 8s, 9s, and 0s, especially given the way today’s jerseys tend to scrunch up and distort.Somewhat related: Why has Carolina paired their proprietary, cutting-edge uniform design with the crappiest stock numeral font available? RamblinGamblinTiger Location:Chicago, IL Favourite Logos:Johnny Canuck, Hartford Whalers, Lady Liberty, Stinger, Pre-Edge London Knights, Philadelphia Eagles, Florida Gators 19 Banned By Cola, October 2, 2011 in Sports Logo News Link to post Cola 34 Link to post They claim they can’t see the numbers clearly.Someone tell me this is crap. Didn’t Oregon wear black uniforms with black numbers?These are the uniforms for those that don’t know: 1,535 Share on other sites Posted October 2, 2011 1 973 0 34 0 winghaz Members Members Link to post Lights Out Share this post (formerly, briefly CherryMX) Share this post 9,904 5,026 19 “Sports Aesthetics” 1 Lights Out 34 Share this post Members Forums Home Posted October 2, 2011 Mings Favourite Logos:Barcelona DragonsHartford WhalersUS Soccer RattlesnakeJoliet Slammers “J-Bird”NBA All-Star New Orleans Crawfish 2,517 Posted October 2, 2011 Posted October 3, 2011 973 Location:Effington nuordr Posted October 3, 2011 Sports Logo News It’ll be interesting to see what UA does for the rest of the Wounded Warrior unis yet to be used (USF, Texas Tech, maybe others I missed) Link to post 22,645 Sign in to follow this   Cola 0 Link to post 447 Posted October 2, 2011 34 22,645 Members 19,560 posts Posted October 2, 2011 Share on other sites Sodboy13 5,159 Phoenix is a bangwagon town 0 Cola Prev Board Man + Young Trece Share this post 4,356 4,356 5,561 posts 22,645 Link to post That would be vastly preferable to 121 teams wearing Faux Combat uniforms. Cola Share on other sites 9,766 posts Location:Tampa Bay This topic is now closed to further replies. 0 Posted October 2, 2011 22,252 posts five boroughs, one City. 22,645 Link to post Colacenter_img Link to post 4,356 Favourite Logos:USFL’s Florida Tuskers Member Title 34 0 All Activity Followers 0 0 I’m glad the refs stepped in. Numbers must be readable to the officials and the folks in the pressbox.It’s time the NCAA showed some guts and put an end to this uniform madness. The NCAA needs to better define what is and isn’t acceptable in all uniforms.Careful. If you get your wish, we might end up with all 121 teams in FBS having uniforms designed to resemble Alabama or Penn State. Location:San Antonio, Texas Members Why wouldn’t a set of these have been sent to the NCAA or someone to ensure that they could be read. I wonder if these were put on the cardinal jersey if the same problems would exist 2,517 I’m glad the refs stepped in. Numbers must be readable to the officials and the folks in the pressbox.It’s time the NCAA showed some guts and put an end to this uniform madness. The NCAA needs to better define what is and isn’t acceptable in all uniforms. War Eagle, Go Jackets, Go Braves, & To Hell with Georgia. Share on other sites Share on other sites 1,535 Sign in to follow this   Share this post 577 53,285 posts Share this post 19 Referees Won’t Allow Gamecock Wounded Warrior Unis on Field CS85 Referees Won’t Allow Gamecock Wounded Warrior Unis on Field 0 Posted October 3, 2011 447 Link to post 0 Forums Home 5,159 34 Members SportsLogos.Net 22,645 RamblinGamblinTiger Posted October 2, 2011 How can Under Armour allow something like this to happen then?Somewhat related: Why has Carolina paired their proprietary, cutting-edge uniform design with the crappiest stock numeral font available?It’s actually supposed to be a more custom font, ITC Machine. They athletic program has adopted it for all sports. 0 SportsLogos.Net Don’t call it a comeback Posted October 2, 2011 Next They’re wearing the same pants and helmet, looks weird with the plain home jersey.I think the helmet and pants looks okay with their standard black jersey. Maybe the NCAA needs to have a better eye health care plan for the old seniors to be able to see. 4,793 posts Link to post People are actually starting to notice and care about uniforms.The same way that people in a restaurant “notice” a toddler’s temper tantrum.Design can be modern and innovative without resorting to bizarre costumes. 53,285 posts Link to post Posted October 2, 2011 Share this post Share this post 2,517 26,359 posts Favourite Logos:The Cross, New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots Share this post 34 Followers 0 5,026 What’s the problem here? That uniform is hideous anyway. We’ve all been spared the sight of its ugliness. 4,356 1 nash61 2,019 posts Link to post Mings TBGKon 2 So yeah, they were kind of hard to read. (Not my picture, but it shows the issue…) 0 How can Under Armour allow something like this to happen then?I don’t really agree that the black on black of Oregon is easier to read EVEN with the highlighter yellow. Share on other sites Share on other sites 0 Sodboy13 22,645 Black numbers on a black jersey with a thick, highlighter-yellow outline are easier to read than that jumbled QR code crap. Members Favourite Logos:*Devil Rays alternate cap logo, 1998*Red Sox cap logo*Chargers primary logo*Lake Elsinore Storm cap logo Members Posted October 2, 2011 Gothamite five boroughs, one City. Share this post Link to post Favourite Logos:WyoMings! Marinerzzzzz Sports Logos Sodboy13 Lights Out 34 Share this post 4,793 posts Gothamite Next Members Link to post Members Link to post MJWalker45 Favourite Logos:*Devil Rays alternate cap logo, 1998*Red Sox cap logo*Chargers primary logo*Lake Elsinore Storm cap logo Share on other sites DCDuck Share on other sites DCDuck 10,536 posts Moderators Share on other sites Location:Champaign, IL Sports Logos Share on other sites What a failure by Under Armour. I become less and less happy with their uniforms and fan products as time goes.I guess I just have a hard time seeing why these uniforms are THAT difficult to read in comparison to some of the stuff that has seen the field from Nike the past couple of years. Posted October 2, 2011 Share this post MJWalker45 9,904 Location:Kentucky Members Location:The Dirty South Cola 5,159 0 winghaz 577 Share this post Board Man + Young Trece Share on other sites Share this post Displaced Washingtonian Share this post 14,324 posts 0 447 9,904 0 0 0 All Activity Share this post Share on other sites Share this post 5,159 Link to post Link to post Posted October 2, 2011 They’re wearing the same pants and helmet, looks weird with the plain home jersey. Share on other sites Link to post Posted October 2, 2011 WJMorris3 Location:Effington Page 1 of 2   4,356 4,793 posts Gothamite Prev Favourite Logos:Barcelona DragonsHartford WhalersUS Soccer RattlesnakeJoliet Slammers “J-Bird”NBA All-Star New Orleans Crawfish 34 TBGKon Referees Won’t Allow Gamecock Wounded Warrior Unis on Fieldlast_img read more

Wieters, Davis, Tillman agree to one-year deals with Orioles

first_imgWith arbitration-eligible players and major league teams scheduled to exchange salary figures for the 2015 season on Friday, the Orioles came to agreements with several key names including catcher Matt Wieters, first baseman Chris Davis, and starting pitcher Chris Tillman.According to an ESPN report, Wieters will make $8.3 million in 2015 after making $7.7 million last season. After being limited to just 26 games before undergoing Tommy John surgery last summer, the All-Star catcher will be entering his final year before becoming a free agent next offseason.Davis agreed to a one-year, $12 million deal after making $10.3 million last year, according to The Sun. Entering his final season before free agency, the 2013 home run king will try to bounce back from a nightmarish campaign that included a .196 average and a 25-game suspension for Adderall use that forced him to miss the Orioles’ run to the American League Championship Series.Per CBS Sports, Tillman will receive a substantial raise in his first arbitration-eligible year by receiving $4.315 million after making only $546,000 last season. The 26-year-old has blossomed into the Orioles ace over the last two years and went 13-6 with a 3.34 ERA in 207 1/3 innings last season.Lefty reliever Brian Matusz settled on a $3.2 million contract with the Orioles after making $2.4 million last season, per MASN Sports.Outfielders Alejandro De Aza and Steve Pearce, infielder Ryan Flaherty, starting pitchers Bud Norris and Miguel Gonzalez, and closer Zach Britton round out the list of arbitration-eligible players who exchanged salary figures with the Orioles on Friday. Hearings will be heard next month if the sides do not come to an agreement, but teams and players typically split the difference to avoid arbitration.Right-handed reliever Tommy Hunter avoided arbitration earlier this week by signing a $4.65 million agreement.In other news, free-agent outfielder Nori Aoki agreed to a one-year, $4 million deal with the San Francisco Giants on Friday. He had been linked to the Orioles as a possible short-term replacement for Nick Markakis in the outfield and at the top of the lineup with his career .353 on-base percentage, but the club never showed more than limited interest.last_img read more

Two Free Webinars on Accessibility of Zoom and Chromebooks

first_imgIt’s been a while since I’ve promoted webinars from EASI (Equal Access to Software and Information) and I didn’t want to miss sharing two of their upcoming webinars in September 2018.I discovered EASI when I started my journey to learn more about web accessibility in the mid-2000’s. They offered a range of resources that I found useful for my work. And they hosted one of the first online accessibility webinars I took. For years, EASI was one of the few organizations offering webinars that didn’t require an attendee to enable Flash or install Java to participate. I’ve taken their webinars ever since! About EASIEASI is a non-profit organization, committed to the belief that students and professionals with disabilities have the same right to access information technology as everyone else.Led by accessibility pioneer Norm Coombs, EASI offers free and paid online training via webinars and courses related to accessibility of:WebsitesCommercial softwareLegislation related to accessibilityAnything related to accessibility or adaptive technologyPersonally, I’ve taken webinars and courses on PDFs, Word, legal aspects of accessibility, and dozens of others. EASI Free WebinarsIn September 2018, EASI will offer two accessibility webinars.The first webinar is Chromebook Accessibility, a free webinar held on Monday, September 10, 2018 at 2pm Eastern Time (1pm Central Time, noon Mountain Time, and 11am Pacific Time). In a different time zone? Here’s a time zone converter to find out when the webinar will be held in your time zone. Learn about the various accessibility features Chromebook has to offer, including:ChromeVox screen readerMagnificationBraille support, and moreThe webinar will be led by Laura Palmaro, Chrome and Chrome OS Accessibility Program Manager.She’ll explain the different built-in Chrome OS features that make online experiences more accessible. The webinar is free, but pre-registration is required (Google Form). The second webinar is Zoom Accessibility, which will be held Friday, September 14, 2018 at 2pm Eastern Time (1pm Central Time, noon Mountain Time, and 11am Pacific Time). For a different time zone, here’s a time zone converter to find out when the webinar will be held in your time zone.With both free and paid plans as well as its focus on accessibility, Zoom has quickly become the conferencing system of choice for many people, including people with disabilities. Led by Hadi Rangin, IT Accessibility Specialist at the University of Washington, Jason Smith, andKen Ding from Zoom, the webinar will focus on the accessibility features available in Zoom.Pre-registration for the webinar is required (Google Form).I plan to attend both webinars, hope you’ll be joining me! Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading…RelatedFree Webinar: Adobe Connect AccessibilityIf you’ve wanted learn about the accessibility features in Adobe Connect (web conferencing application from Adobe), register for the free one-hour webinar that will be held later this month. The April 28, 2015 webinar is hosted by EASI (Equal Access to Software and Information) and will be held from 2:00pm…In “Accessibility”Free Accessibility Webinar: A11yFirst Project or Accessible AuthoringIf you’re a web writer or author that uses visual editors to create content for the web, you’ll want to attend the Equal Access to Software & Information (EASI) free webinar, A11yFirst Project or Accessible Authoring, on April 26, 2018. The webinar is helpful to anyone who: Publishes content on…In “Accessibility”Top Takeaways from Zoom Accessibility WebinarLast week I attended the Equal Access to Software and Information (EASI) webinar on Zoom Accessibility, which included staff from the University of Washington (UW) and Zoom, a video conferencing service. From my past experiences, I knew the majority of video conference services/applications weren’t accessible. So when I heard about…In “Accessibility”last_img read more

Cape seals hunt sharks off Cape Point

first_img2 April 2015The hunted has become the hunter off the coast of Cape Town, where great white shark expert Chris Fallows has made a remarkable discovery. Fallows has recorded his observations of free-swimming blue sharks, Prionace glauca, being caught, killed and partially consumed by Cape fur seals, Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus.It is an important discovery, revealing a previously hidden part of one species’ diet, and could also have important implications for the understanding of the food web in the open ocean.A study of Fallows’ discoveries has been published in the African Journal of Marine Science.Fallows, who runs the diving group Apex Shark Expeditions, has been working with sharks since 1992. He spends more time on sea than on land – up to 200 days a year tracking and observing sharks.One day in December 2012, he was taking a group of tourists on a standard shark dive 20 nautical miles southwest of Cape Point. Fallows put out some bait, which attracted 10 blue sharks. And then a male Cape fur seal, not quite mature, swam into view.Feeding frenzyInstead of going for the bait, as expected, the seal attacked one shark, tearing open its abdominal cavity and feeding on the viscera. Not satisfied, it turned to attack a second shark. Fallows recorded the seal attack and eat five of the 10 sharks before the scientist left, thinking he may be adding to the feeding frenzy.“I have not seen this behaviour since then,” Fallows said after the study was published on 31 March, although he has seen seals feeding on small sharks.In the vast, open ocean not everything has a human witness, but Fallows thinks this behaviour by seals is not widespread. “Only a small group of seals do this. They have probably been forced to because their usual food has been depleted.”There has been a depletion in the abundance of fish in the open ocean, and Fallows notes that species are also smaller: “In-shore reef fish have disappeared, there are fewer in-shore reef sharks and, what there is, is smaller in size than they were before.”He speculates that the Cape fur seals have been forced to attack predators – “while they did not eat full-grown blue sharks, these are efficient predators” – through desperation caused by heavy over-fishing by humans.High nutritional valueSeals’ teeth are rounded and cone-shaped – not made for tearing apart the extremely tough skin of sharks. Instead, they rely on tearing their prey by shaking it about.“Going after a shark is a big step. They bite into the softer gills and just eat the liver, which is rich in oils and nutrition they need. The stomach is also eaten. The rest of the shark is left for other marine creatures to eat.”Full grown, an adult Cape fur seal can reach 3m in size, although Fallows said this was unusually large. Adult blue sharks grow up to 3.3m; large specimens can grow to 3.8m long. The sub-adult males he witnessed attacking the sharks were about 1.5m in size, compared to the 1.4m of the young sharks. “They are punching in different weight classes. The seal is definitely the apex predator in this relationship,” he said.On the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, the Cape fur seal population appears to be healthy, and it is classified as Least Concern. The population trend of the blue shark is unknown and it is listed as Near Threatened.Scientists weigh inFallows first witnessed seals attacking sharks in 2004. Again on the open water near Cape Point, he spotted a young male seal chase and catch a blue shark. The seal tossed the shark into the air before eating its stomach and liver.Hugues Benoit, a fisheries scientist at Fisheries and Oceans Canada, was intrigued, and contacted Fallows. Working with Neil Hammerschlag at the University of Miami, they wrote the paper, describing the event and its ecological significance.Cape fur seals and blue sharks have similar diets, but seals were not previously known to turn on their predatory rivals. The seal’s consumption of only the most energy- dense part of the shark, was also noteworthy, they said.Unlike Fallows, the scientists said the fact that the seal discarded the rest of its catch showed that it had the option to be picky and was probably not at a loss for food.In its article on the discovery, The Smithsonian reported the behaviour suggested that traditional methods of diet estimation for marine mammals might be missing some key strands in the food web.“If seals are selectively eating viscera from sharks – or any other large animal – that slippery evidence would have evaded scientists’ detection methods, potentially leading to a biased picture of who’s eating whom.”It also pointed out that predators that only targeted viscera instead of the whole animal could have population-level consequences for the prey, because they would have to kill so many animals to get their fill.“Benoit suspects that shark-eating is a natural behaviour for the seals, given that Fallows first witnessed it in open water where no human activity might somehow be egging on an abnormal interaction,” The Smithsonian writes. “Fallows was also ‘impressed at the ease with which this seal was able to take these sharks’, Benoit says, implying that this wasn’t the seal’s first shark-gobbling rodeo.”last_img read more

Breaking News in the Industry: January 29, 2019

first_imgHer 20th shoplift charge gets her jail timeAn Augusta woman, has pleaded guilty to her 20th shoplifting charge. Maxine H. Green, 49, pleaded guilty in Richmond County Superior Court to felony shoplifting. She faced a minimum of one year in prison and up to 10 years in prison. Judge Daniel J. Craig noted that under current parole guidelines, if he sentenced Green to 10 years in prison, as the prosecutor requested, she would still only spend a year incarcerated.In the past 20 years or so, Green has been arrested and convicted multiple times of shoplifting, battery, property damage and once for escape, Assistant District Attorney Pete Lamb said. She served prison time at least three times. Defense attorney Jesse Owen told the judge Green’s mental illness has affected her impulse control. Craig sentenced Green to one year in prison followed by nine years probation. Conditions of probation include paying a $15,000 fine and performing 200 hours of community service within 12 months of her release from prison. In addition, Green cannot enter any retail establishment.   [Source: The Augusta Chronicle]These retailers earn high marks for customer service and reputationPublix Super Markets. and Costco Wholesale. finished first in their brick-and-mortar retail segments on the Newsweek America’s Best Customer Service 2019 list. In addition, Publix and Costco, along with Walmart, Target and CVS Health, made the top 50 as “all-stars” in Fortune’s 2019 list of The World’s Most Admired Companies.- Sponsor – In the Newsweek list, Publix came in Number 1 for customer service in the supermarket category with a score of 9.07, followed by ShopRite (8.95) and Trader Joe’s (8.94). Costco led the superstore and warehouse club segment with an 8.79 score for customer service, ahead of No. 2 Meijer (8.60) and No. 3 Target (8.29).Among the other food, drug, mass and convenience retailers on Newsweek’s list, QuikTrip was No. 1 among convenience stores in customer service with a score of 8.78, followed by Wawa (8.28) and Sheetz (8.23). Independent pharmacy network Good Neighbor Pharmacy, part of drug distributor AmerisourceBergen Corp., had the top score in the pharmacies and drugstores category at 8.29, beating out national chains Walgreens (No. 2 at 8.08) and CVS Pharmacy (No. 3 at 7.94).   [Source: Supermarket News]Employee’s scheme to steal $14K of electronics called ‘interesting’ by policePolice say an employee of the Best Buy distribution center in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, has been arrested after he stole roughly $14,000 worth of electronics. Shepherdsville Police say that during the month of January, 20-year-old Perry Vincent stole approximately 12 cell phones, five pairs of earphones and four video games. Investigators said the way he did it was nothing short of interesting.“He used totes that they use to move merchandise around the warehouse,” Maj. Mike O’Donnell said. “He stacked those at his work station to block the view of the cameras.” During breaks, police said he would wrap up the the stolen stuff, take it outside and drop it on the other side of a fence. And then walk through security on his way out, go to the back of the warehouse and recover them, before he went home for the night,” O’Donnell said. He allegedly admitted to selling the items to people “on the street.” Vincent has been charged with theft by unlawful taking of an amount of $10,000 or more. He is currently being held in the Bullitt County Detention Center. [Source: WDRB News]Two-timing shoplifter arrestedA serial shoplifter is now behind bars. Albuquerque Police say in December, Anthony Aguirre stashed hundreds of dollars in electronics into a backpack at the Target on Lomas, pulling a knife on a loss prevention employee who tried to stop him. Through surveillance video, police recognized him from several other cases. On Friday, APD officers working a blitz at the Home Depot saw Aguirre try to walk out with a hammer drill kit and power tool without paying. He was arrested as he tried to get away.   [Source: KRQE News]Employee arrested for bulk theftA Texas At Home employee was arrested for helping to steal almost 300 items from the store over the holiday season. College Station Police say Constance Taylor, 35, and another employee would ring up items at the cash register, mark them as “suspended transactions,” and walk the items out of the front door. The “suspended transactions” of the stolen items would disappear from the system in 24 hours. Authorities say the crimes happened between December 5 and January 12. The value of the 277 items totaled nearly $4,000. Police say Taylor admitted to being a part of the crime. She was arrested and charged with theft. Taylor has been arrested three other times for theft since 2013.   [Source: KBTX-TV3]Court certifies class of 5M applicants in another background check suitWalmart is now one of several employers that have recently faced allegations of improper background check procedures, in violation of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and/or state law. Delta recently paid $2.3 million to settle a class action involving approximately 44,000 applicants. Like Walmart, Delta was accused of (among other things) including extraneous information on its disclosure forms. Frito-Lay and Target have paid out multi-million dollar background check settlements as well within the past year.The FCRA has specific rules employers must follow. A disclosure form, for example, must consist of only the legally required disclosure. Multi-state employers often try to consolidate and standardize their compliance efforts to satisfy the requirements of multiple jurisdictions, but where background checks are concerned this move can backfire. As these employers recently found, a single problematic background check form can give rise to a costly class action involving thousands of plaintiffs.   [Source: RetailDIVE] Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

Loss Prevention Jobs in California

first_imgKohl’sLoss Prevention OfficerStockton, CAStore LevelFull-time03/11/2019Lowe’sMarket ORC ManagerLong Beach, CAStore LevelFull-time03/11/2019Craig Realty GroupFull-Time Security Officer/On-Call Security OfficerCommerce, CAOtherFull & Part-time03/11/2019To find more jobs, in California and around the country, click here to search the LPjobs website, the premiere online source for loss prevention employment and e-recruiting.(This post was originally published in 2017 and is updated regularly.)- Sponsor – [text_ad use_post=’2385′] Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img

Open Source: OS Trends in the Enterprise

first_imgOpenLogic published a list of Open Source trends that they see developed in 2007:OpenLogic found that an average enterprise now uses 94 open source packages, that’s up from the 75 they counted in 2006, an increase of 26%. Next the 25 most frequently used open source packages in the enterprise were identified. Hibernate and Struts tied for the most popular with 71 percent of all enterprises using them in some capacity.They found that the most common OS license in the enterprise is Apache, not GPL. Of the top 25 packages used in enterprises, 62 percent were Apache, 27 percent were GPL, and 4 percent for each of BSD, CPL, Eclipse, MPL and Perl license.The top categories found for OS in the enterprise are:Libraries and UtilitiesXML relatedApplication FrameworksDevelopment toolsBuild and Source Code ManagementDatabase and Database toolsApplication and Web ServerProgramming LanguagesWeb/HTTP toolsSecurity toolsWeb serviceslast_img read more

Coty Brand Sally Hansen Launches Shetopia A Global Platform and Short Film

first_img Facebook Twitter Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment By sharing their stories, they aim to inspire women around the world to create and embody their own sense of beauty and empowerment. Cynthia Andrew(@simplycyn), an attorney and lifestyle blogger states that her success is built on her fearless individuality. While Eniola Aluko (@EniAluko), Chelsea FC star explains, “My personal Shetopia is soccer equality. I used to play with boys, and was often better than them. At times I tried to run away from being a girl soccer player, but you look yourself in the mirror and that is what you are. Soccer is a form of acceptance for me.”The influencers featured in the film and campaign also include Gina Ybarra (@huntforstyles) – a successful fashion blogger who dropped her successful career in finance and decided to take her life in her own hands, Claire Wasserman(@LadiesGetPaid) who started “Ladies Get Paid” an organization that helps women rise up at work, Jaclyn Johnson(@JaclynRJohnson), founder of Create & Cultivate, which seeks to empower, enlighten and entertain women looking to create & cultivate the career of their dreams. Angela Benton (@ABenton), businesswoman, a cancer survivor, a mother of three, and a pioneer of diversity in the technology industry. Sarah-Jane Adams (@saramaijewels), a gemologist and jeweler by trade, she was pushed into the limelight when her daughter uploaded a photo of her. The photo went viral and has since spawned a successful modeling career. Katie Sturino (@the12ishstyle), a challenger of traditional fashion rules and promoter of self-acceptance in all sizes.Shetopia was directed by award-winning commercial and music video director, Natalie Rae. “There’s something that ties all of these women together,” She says. “They bring this sense of confidence and collectivity – a sense of freedom.” A self-made woman in her own right, Natalie went on to say, “As a filmmaker, I work in a space that’s very male-dominated, which can affect the process but not my vision.” Natalie is committed to telling empowering stories that may bring tears or laughter, but always encourage the human spirit.The music for the campaign was written by self-made woman, singer songwriter Diana Gordon, who is known for her feminist lyrics and work with Beyoncé on the Lemonade album. Diana’s track ‘Woman’, is featured throughout the campaign.While some of the stories in Shetopia highlights many women are already doing–for example running a press conference, leading a business, and paying the check — the campaign emphasizes there is still progress to be made.To watch Shetopia, visit: Coty Inc.Coty is one of the world’s largest beauty companies with approximately $9 billion in revenue, with a purpose to celebrate and liberate the diversity of consumers’ beauty. Its strong entrepreneurial heritage has created an iconic portfolio of leading beauty brands. Coty is the global leader in fragrance, a strong number two in professional salon hair color & styling, and number three in color cosmetics. Coty operates three divisions – Coty Consumer Beauty, which is focused on color cosmetics, retail hair coloring and styling products, body care and mass fragrances sold primarily in the mass retail channels with brands such as Sally Hansen, COVERGIRL, Max Factor and Rimmel; Coty Luxury, which is focused on prestige fragrances and skincare with brands such as Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Hugo Boss, Gucci and philosophy; and Coty Professional Beauty, which is focused on servicing salon owners and professionals in both hair and nail, with brands such as Wella Professionals, Sebastian Professional and OPI. Coty has approximately 20,000 colleagues globally and its products are sold in over 130 countries. Coty and its brands are committed to a range of social causes as well as seeking to minimize its impact on the environment. Advertisementcenter_img Advertisement NEW YORK — Announced today, Coty brand Sally Hansen is launching its first ever global brand campaign with the debut of Shetopia, a vision of the world made by and for Self-Made Women. The short film spotlights real-life, self-made women who, in the face of adversity, choose to prevail.  The campaign’s cheeky, yet unapologetic visual interpretation of a female-driven reality encapsulates the progressive views of Sally Hansen, herself, an original self-made woman. Her shrewd business sense and success was matched by her iconic style – demonstrating the power of beauty to inspire and enable women to be their best selves. Now, sixty years later, Shetopia champions self-made women like Sally, from entrepreneurs and activists to young mothers and athletes.In effort to provoke conversation about the power of self-made women who are doing, and will continue to do incredible things to positively influence the world, Shetopia showcases a world in which gender norms cease to exist. Each sequence recreates an example of societal prejudice or common stereotype experienced by women. Gender roles are reversed as men fight for equal pay in the workplace and paternity leave, while older women date younger men and female athletes play on one team alongside men.Shetopia, which was produced, directed and shot by a nearly all-female crew, features 9 uniquely driven, self-made women who contributed their own real-life experiences to the project. Jessica Haggett (@jessicahaggett), founder of an all-female motorcycle group is one of the featured influencers in Shetopia. She has grown her group to be the largest in the world, spanning across 19 countries and 150 cities. “Getting out of your comfort zone and taking a chance is important. If it doesn’t work out then so what you are just back in the same place you were before!” says Haggett. (PRNewsfoto/Coty Inc.) Login/Register With:last_img read more