Merchandise Monthly Report: Online Edition

first_imgYou also have the ability to buy those “I think I saw people wearing them for the first week of Toy Story Land and then never saw them again” headbands. The Little Green Men one is also available for sale on the app, too. And yes, in the category of things that people went wacky for, Banshees are available for online purchase.Clothing tends to be a hit or miss gift, I think — it’s so hard to get someone’s size and preferences right. If someone said they’d buy me a Mickey Mouse Club jacket, I’d probably be all about that, but this design just doesn’t do it for me. Thoughts?Being a “helpful mom”, I’d buy this in a heartbeat for my daughter–and I’m pretty sure she’d never wear it. I’m sure there’s lots of kids out there who would adore it, though….right? Share This!It’s the most wonderful time of the year–unless you’re trying to go shopping. It’s no wonder that I asked for hazard pay any time a request came in to stop by the Outlets, and “normal” stores aren’t much better! No matter where you go, people are going to be more than a little crazed this time of year. (Seriously, two grown women fighting over a blender? Two grown men slugging it out over an Advent calendar of socks? I’ve seen it all…)Thankfully, online shopping can take a lot of the stress out of the retail experience. When it comes to finding the best gift for your Disney-obsessed family member, the Shop Parks app gives you the ability to buy park merchandise without having to brave the theme parks (or having to book a flight to Florida to even get to the store). I’ve scoured the app to come up with a gift guide that has a little something for everyone. And in no way am I just putting this out there as a wish list of items to drop hints for friends and family who want to know what to give me but never ask, and just go with a set of mittens when I live in Florida and never would use them, and so it clearly is a way for Aunt Gertrude to guilt trip me into never going back north to visit everyone…. whew. Happy Holidays, y’all! No question, Star Wars is going to be big next year. I probably would be able to do a full merch review every month on just Star Wars. At least in my household, beach towels are always in high demand once pool season hits, and this one has a really cool blueprint design to it. (Notice how they have given the Death Star the Mike Wazowski treatment? I think that’s to hide any possible flaws in its design… the Death Star that is, not the beach towel, which I’m sure is design-flaw free.)Part of me wonders what kind of message you’re trying to send with this ring — the rest of me thinks it is just a neat gift that I would wear often.Looking for something different in the jewelry department? The 2019 Pandora charms are out.center_img And if you’re looking for something Alex and Ani, but want a bit more substance to the bracelet, here’s one that can look good when worn by itself. (On that note, I know a lot of people own Alex and Ani stuff, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone wearing any. Do people wear it or do they just collect it?)In the “don’t buy on eBay” category, remember when people were giving up their firstborn kids for a pair of rose gold ears? Now you don’t have to pay eBay pirate markup prices. Now this is something I think my daughter would love. Just look at that face on Pua. (Awww!)The Dream Big, Princess marketing campaign popped up throughout 2018, but I really like this here — the play on words is neat.For boys, how cute are these Mickey jammies?My daughter has outgrown a lot of playset toys at this point, but it would have been tough to pass this pirate ship playset if it was around when she was into those kind of toys.If a Disney vacation big reveal is part of your Christmas morning experience, an autograph book can make something neat to have under the tree to unwrap.Not into autographs?  A travel journal can be a great alternative.Disney seems to always have a lot more merchandise for dogs than it does for cats. (Maybe because so many Disney movies have feline villains? But there’s good kitties, too! Share the love!) Anyhow, if you’re looking for something for Fido, this is both cute and functional.And for both kitties and doggies, a Haunted Mansion bowl is a pretty neat option.So… now that I’ve run down some items, here’s my best bets for things I’d love to see as a gift. Starting with….Who doesn’t love the Tiki Room? (And before you say anything bad about the Tiki Room, I’ve got a direct line to Santa and I’m not afraid to use it!)This size won’t fit my phone, and I’d prefer WDW to Disneyland for me personally, but it was so cute I had to include it anyhow.I know that some people find theme park tie-in games to be gimmicky, but I’ve got a DVC version of Clue from a member’s cruise that I love. If this is as much fun as that, it’s well worth the purchase.I’m usually not a Dooney person, and the price tag will keep me hoping this ends up at the Outlets, but isn’t that design wonderful? I love the bright colors, too.My daughter has a couple Loungefly purses, and they hold up remarkably well, plus they’re adorable. I was almost going to recommend this as my favorite… until…..It’s FIGMENT! I can’t promise that by the time you read this I haven’t headed over to a park to pick one up. Isn’t it awesome?While there’s an abundance of items you can buy on the app, some items are list for in-park purchase only. I was pretty shocked to see this available for purchase online. You can’t go wrong with chocolate, right?So you can buy chocolate, but you can’t buy any books or movies? Huh? Have no fear–most of the books and movies shown in the Shop Parks app are available (and for less) on retailer sites like Amazon. (This is a really awesome book, though.)And, to wrap it up, the item most likely to be seen in the Outlets in the future. Nothing *wrong* with this plate–but I can’t imagine anyone feeling the need to rush and get it, especially for that price.Remember, you can order these items (and many more) from the Shop Parks app and have them delivered to your doorstep, easy peasy.Got any great ideas for gifts that you’re planning to give someone this year? (I promise, I won’t tell.) Can you think of any items that you’re hoping Santa brings to your house? Let us know in the comments.last_img read more

Working Through Retirement

first_img“Retirement is for sissies” reads the tagline on former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new movie. In the “Governator’s” latest go-round as an action hero—“The Last Stand”—he plays a long-in-the-tooth sheriff charged with stopping a drug kingpin from reaching the Mexican border. The premise is pure Hollywood, but the message—staying on the job despite advancing in age—is quite appropriate for those making up today’s labor force. The Baby Boom generation will move entirely into the 55-and-older age group by 2020, increasing to 25.2 percent of the country’s total workforce, up from 19.5 percent in 2010, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Whether it’s due to better health and a desire to keep working, or financial difficulties that have necessitated a longer stay on the job, more people are putting off retirement. At the same time, this segment of the population will need additional care. Tim Driver, CEO of, says he has a solution for both. It’s called Mature Caregivers, and Driver says the venture is positioned to improve quality care for seniors and provide career opportunities for people 50 and older. The Boston-based website operation, launched in 2005, matches 50-somethings and their elders with job openings nationwide and currently has 1 million members. “Our goal all along has been to find work for mature workers,” Driver said in an interview. “Very often, age biases become a problem. We think this is one of the few areas where it’s just the opposite. The caregivers are close [in age] to the people they’re taking care of.” Demographic trends certainly bear out Driver’s assessment. The health care and social assistance sector will gain the most jobs (5.6 million) during the 2010-20 timeframe, according to BLS data. In particular, two of the biggest increases in job classifications will come from home health aides (adding 706,000 jobs) and personal care aides (adding 607,000 jobs) during that period of time. Driver expects all types of job applicants to join the Mature Caregivers network, whether they’re seeking a second career or coming out of retirement to try something new. There will be a detailed vetting process for each job candidate that includes background checks and training in a variety of care methods, including treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Successful applicants also will get lessons on cooking healthy meals for their clients, Driver says. Mature Caregivers workers will be supported in several regions of the country by geriatric care managers who work for the network. Once formally certified for work, they will be matched with clients in their communities. Driver admits that his organization is “flipping the stereotype” of young workers who tend to occupy home health care positions. He believes the system will provide “mature workers” with career opportunities while increasing the options for elder health care at the same time. “Very often, and I don’t mean this as a criticism of the work, but too many people view this career as a go-nowhere job,” Driver says. “We think this can be personally rewarding for a lot of mature workers, many of [whom] have experience taking care of their own parents. We think it will attract people who traditionally have a low turnover rate in their jobs and who love being caregivers.” For more employment information, please visit SHRM’s Labor Market and Economic Data page. Joseph Coombs is a workplace trends and forecasting specialist at SHRM. To read the original article, please click here.last_img read more

Intel® vPro™ Technology Helps AutoCont Deliver Remote Management Services

first_imgAs an IT advisor to small and medium companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, AutoCont wanted to launch its Professional Management Services* platform to provide both reactive and proactive IT support for its customers. AutoCont based its platform on Intel® vPro™ technology.The new platform has been a great success, letting AutoCont provide immediate response and resolve customer IT issues as quickly as an in-house team. Best of all, more than 120 customers started using the new service within the first year.One  customer explains, “The service saves us time and, ultimately, money, since employee productivity is maximized. The biggest advantage, however, is that I do not need to employ an internal IT expert. AutoCont takes full responsibility for our IT environment, removing any headaches on our part.”To learn more, read our new AutoCont business success story. As always, you can find this one, and many more, in the Reference Room and IT Center.*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.last_img read more

Pineapple Express in Nassau exposed residents rush for money back

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, August 25, 2017 – Nassau – A stampede of Bahamians lined up from as early as 3am after a ponzi scheme type plan was unearthed and exposed by the Bahamas Securities Commission and the Royal Bahamas Police Force.    We have learned that people were getting their monies back after paying into the scheme which called for a low investment with big returns in as little as 14 days.It was explained that in order to join the “asue,” there was a one-time fee option of $85 to get you $800 back or the $170 option which would get you $1,500 back.    A membership fee was also required at $20 and another $25 was said to have been labeled a processing fee.The Securities Commission on Wednesday labeled the ‘asue’ high risk and said the program should not be viewed as a bonafied investment opportunity.    It was said Pineapple Express met with the Securities Commission, suddenly closed their offices, put out several notices on Facebook and while some people who bought in were willing to wait for the company to figure things out, others demanded their money be refunded.The announcement came yesterday, we understand for that refunding process to happen today at 10am, but residents were queuing up at Pineapple Express at Signature Plaza, on Cowpen Road since before dawn to get their monies back.   Police were called in with the K-9 Unit for crowd control.Up to yesterday, Police say they had received no complaints.   However, a woman who worked for Pineapple Express said she filed a report at CDU, who told her it was a civil matter.    A few months ago, a scheme under the banner: Golden Chess made similar promises; small pay in, large pay out.Golden Chess closed down and reportedly paid not a cent to anyone. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:last_img read more

Physicists show quantum freezing phenomenon is universal

first_imgFigure of the “freezing surface” of quantum discord-type correlations. Credit: Marco Cianciaruso, et al. (—Physicists who work on quantum technologies are always looking for ways to manage decoherence, which occurs when a quantum system unavoidably interacts with the surrounding environment. In the past few years, scientists have discovered that some quantum correlations can be “frozen” in a constant state and remain that way in the presence of noise, potentially offering a protective mechanism against decoherence. So far, however, quantum freezing has been shown to exist only on a case-by-case basis and under certain conditions, and its potential protective effect has not been fully exploited. Explore further In this context, the freezing phenomenon is particularly interesting because it is exhibited specifically by discord-type correlations, while a similar feature for entanglement has remained elusive. This difference aligns with other emerging research that suggests that discord-type quantum correlations are more robust than entanglement against noise. For instance, entanglement can suffer so-called “sudden death” when exposed to noise, but such rapid vanishing cannot been observed for discord-type correlations.In this sense, freezing can be considered a very extreme form of robustness to noise, as it could theoretically allow any quantum protocol to operate with a performance that is completely unaffected by noise. Such protection would be extraordinarily appealing for future developments of quantum technologies, including communication, computation, sensing, and metrology.The scientists’ proof of the universality of quantum freezing consists of a lengthy mathematical description, but they explain that the main requirement is that the method used to measure the discord-type correlations must be a genuine distance-based geometric method, “exploiting distances which are convex and non-increasing under quantum channels.” As long as the method meets these basic requirements, freezing occurs independent of the specific distance used. By proving universality, the results show that previous demonstrations of freezing were not merely mathematical accidents, but that the freezing of discord-type quantum correlations is a true physical phenomenon.The physicists’ additional finding—that a global quantum control channel can reverse the effects of decoherence for certain mixed states—could also have implications for quantum technologies, in particular quantum error correction. They explain that the channel can be understood as “refocusing” the qubits that have been affected by noise.The proof still leaves room for further research aimed at proving the universality of freezing from only the basic properties of quantum correlations, without the need to use a geometric method. The results of such a study could lead to a better understanding of the physical origins of frozen quantum correlations, and may even shed light on the scientists’ hunch that the phenomenon is related to classical correlations.”We are currently researching conditions for other quantum features to remain frozen or almost frozen under various noisy dynamics,” said Adesso, at the University of Nottingham. “In another paper, some of us have already proven that quantum coherence can remain frozen in the same conditions as discord-type correlations, which is quite a strong result since long-lived coherence is a useful resource for physical and biological sciences. We are also working on experimental investigations with quantum optics and nuclear magnetic resonance, with the aim to exploit mixed quantum states with frozen discord in order to preserve their operational value in applications such as quantum metrology. The physical cause of freezing is not known yet, but our results suggest that a deep physical origin of this phenomenon is expected so that we are investigating it.” © 2015 This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: Physicists show ‘quantum freezing phenomenon’ is universal (2015, April 9) retrieved 18 August 2019 from More information: Marco Cianciaruso, et al. “Universal freezing of quantum correlations within the geometric approach.” To be published.Also at: arXiv:1411.2978 [quant-ph] Quantum correlations make you never fail a test again Journal information: Scientific Reports Now in a new paper to be published in Nature Scientific Reports, physicists Marco Cianciaruso, Thomas Bromley, Wojciech Roga, Rosario Lo Franco, and Gerardo Adesso have shown that the freezing of quantum correlations is universal—that is, it is independent of the method used for measuring the correlations. While working on this proof, the scientists also found that it may be possible to not just prevent but also reverse the effects of decoherence under certain circumstances, which they show by demonstrating the existence of an intriguing new phenomenon modelled by a global rephasing channel.”The greatest significance of the work is to show that a general form of quantum correlations must remain frozen and protected in the presence of some, usually detrimental, decoherence effects,” Lo Franco, who is with the University of Nottingham, the University of Palermo, and the University of São Paulo, told “This fact implies that any further well-defined measure of quantum correlations must freeze during the evolution under the same conditions. Our work thus appears to settle the debate about the universality of the freezing phenomenon of discord-based quantum correlations.”Overall, much of the research on quantum correlations has focused on entanglement, which is one specific type of quantum correlation. As the physicists explain in their paper, there is a general consensus that all quantum correlations between two systems in a pure state can be considered entanglement. Although it sounds like entanglement is the dominant type of quantum correlation, in reality entanglement may represent a negligibly small portion of all quantum correlations because not all states are pure. When two systems are exposed to a noisy environment, they will generally be in a mixed state, and a certain portion of mixed states are non-entangled. Consequently, quantum correlations between these systems do not necessarily reduce to entanglement, but can manifest in a more general form called discord-type quantum correlations. Since realistic quantum systems often involve mixed states, discord-type correlations are much more prevalent than entanglement, although they are not as well understood. last_img read more