Attention nonprofits: this is how to tell a story

first_imgI’m getting ready to move house today and tomorrow. I’ve been feeling a little stressed about it all. Then I got an email from Mark Horvath, a formerly homeless person who now chronicles the lives of the homeless. And I got perspective (I’m lucky to have a home). And I got inspired.THIS is how you tell an amazing story. A few words, a few pictures, a transformative experience. All we need now is a call to action. One would be to hire Mark, who is funding his efforts out of his own pocket while unemployed! Follow him on Twitter!Just yesterday, I was lamenting a lame piece on homelessness on the radio. That what the “what not to do.” Today, we get the “how-to.”I always like to call a good story three-way communication. Old nonprofit marketing is one-way – we talk at people. New nonprofit marketing is two-way – it is a conversation. Stories are three-way – they include the story teller and the audience both in the experience and transport them both to a third place, a shared experience, together. Please, do that as much as you can.last_img read more